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The answer is not to do nothing! To gain energy, you have to increase your heart rate, be active, balance your nutrition, and do so safely and effectively! We can help!


It happens! You become less active, get stuck in routine movement patterns, you age! We can help you gain mobility & longevity in independence!

Time Management

“We get you an amazing workout in just an hour! Let us make the best hour of your day dedicated to your wellness!

Lack of Results

Taking on fitness goals alone in traditional gyms is hard and often time leads to no results & frustration! We’re in the business of results!


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All those new to CrossFit will start with our beginner’s course to help ensure their safety in executing movements performed in our CrossFit classes!!


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Client & Guest Stories

“North 41 CrossFit delivers. The foundations classes allowed me to understand the methodology of CrossFit, feel comfortable with the movements and focus on improving my form before attending CrossFit classes. I feel stronger each day and am able to modify the movements to still achieve an incredible workout. Lee and Ashlea have built something special; a fun, motivating and welcoming environment where you’ll challenge yourself to reach your goals and actually enjoy the journey!”

~ Amanda Wishnek

“”I can’t say enough about how great this place is to train! The owners are great people and the equipment is second to none. If you are a beginner to CrossFit or fitness, they will take good care of you. If you are an advanced athlete, they have everything you need for peak performance. If you are on the fence about stopping by, don’t be. This will be a great experience”

~ Jason Stayanchi

“My daugther and I dropped in for their Saturday morning partner workout. A must-go to get in a great workout! This gym is amazing, and the hospitality is even better!”

~ Laura Vozar